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Besides the famous names of domain name services like Namecheap, GoDaddy, … there is 1 registrar, although not as famous as it is but many nation users trust and stick with It is NameSilo in the long run. In this article, I will introduce you to NameSilo and show you how to buy domain names at NameSilo.

Let’s follow it! 1. Introduction of provider NameSilo NameSilo is known as the most expensive and reputable domain name service provider today. Although it has only been involved in this field since 2009, it is amazing that in just a short time, the number of domains provided by NameSilo is a huge number. This shows that the quality and service that NameSilo offers is really impressive. 2. Why should you buy a domain name at NameSilo? a. The price for renewing the domain name at NameSilo is equal to the new registration price. With the policy of maintaining a lifetime price, after your NameSilo domain name expires, you will still be able to apply the low price of the first purchase. Therefore, compared to other suppliers, NameSilo domain registration price is much cheaper. Common domain extensions like .com, .net, .org usually only cost less than $ 10 / year. NameSilo is a very good customer retention provider because the domain renewal price is not too high about $ 8.99. While the usual renewal of .com domain name at GoDaddy is $ 14.99, in Namecheap is $ 10.69. That is also the reason why this supplier can keep customers pretty well. Moreover, your long-term use with one of these 3 providers will be very difficult if you own multiple domains because the renewal price is not pleasant. Now, the solution is a lot of people choose to transfer the domain name to another provider and NameSilo is the number 1 choice for you. b. Free Privacy lifetime – domain information hiding service There is another great point that you should use the domain name at this provider, which is the free NameSilo Privacy (hide domain registration information). Therefore, the safety will be higher, the possibility of losing domain names due to hacking will be lower. Normally, the cost of buying Privacy Whois at other providers is also quite high like GoDaddy at 9.99 $ / year.

Therefore, if you need to use this feature, it is not possible to save with NameSilo. Note: You can use the latest discount code NameSilo here to get an additional $ 1 discount during the registration process or transfer the domain name to NameSilo. NameSilo’s domain price list compares with other registrars 3. NameSilo Domain Registration Guide Step 1: First, visit the NameSilo homepage here and type the domain name you want to buy to check the exists then press SEARCH: TO HOME NAMESILO The results returned, you will see the status of the domain: If it is displayed in green, it means that the domain name has not been owned and you have the right to buy. If it is red and Registered, it indicates that the domain name is already owned. As here, domain names and already have owners. If you want to buy a domain name, tick the box and press REGISTER CHECKED DOMAINS. I will give an example with the domain name demotenmien. After pressing, you will be redirected to Current Cart Contents page. Here, select the same information below and use NameSilo discount code to get a $ 1 discount! NameSilo always has a $ 1 discount code for the first time to buy, so remember to use it. Press CONTINUE to continue.

Note: Auto Renew: Automatic renewal. You can turn it off if you don’t want to. Privacy Setting: hide domain information. Free NameSilo gives you this service, so be sure to select Yes Set all years to: the number of years registered. Step 2: The next page you need to declare information to create an administrator login account later. Declare full information: Username, password and secret questions. Remember to save this information carefully. Scroll down to the bottom, you update the information for the Primary Address section. Click CREATE MY NEW ACCOUNT to create an account. Postal code Zip / Postal Code Vietnam city you get here. Step 3: Next, choose 1 of the payment methods: Visa / MasterCard / PayPal, Bitcoin / Skrill … See more: Instructions for registering PayPal Required payment accounts when online trading I will choose payment via MasterCard card. Click PLACE MY ORDER to make payment. As the picture below is successful, you click on the link (Click here to manage your domains) to go to the management page: You will check email and see NameSilo’s email notification for your order. So you have successfully purchased the domain name in NameSilo. At NameSilo domain management page, you can find a lot of information. I appreciate the presentation of NameSilo’s management interface, which is quite simple, easy to use and friendly. It’s done ! Purchasing domain names at NameSilo is so quick and simple. The next thing is that you need to point the domain to the appropriate hosting to create a website. Hosting you can consult to buy at suppliers such as StableHost, Hawk Host, DreamHost, etc.

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